Not a Clock Tree Expert? We’ve got you covered.

Designing clock trees is tedious but necessary task facing today’s high-speed network system designers.

We know you are under incredible pressure to deliver the highest quality products at competitive prices and with very stringent deadlines. We also realize you often do not have time to become PLL configuration experts. Silicon Labs has invested in tools to make it fast and easy to design your entire clock trees in minutes without needing to take the time to become wizards for every spec and every device in the clock tree.

If any of the following challenges apply to you, our Clock Tree Expert tool might be your ticket to timing bliss:

  • Do you need to use timing ICs that require a diverse set of frequencies, formats and voltages?
  • Are your clock specifications very difficult to meet due to high data rates?
  • Does your project demand high cost-per-bit?
  • Do you face compressed time-to-market requirements?

Our new Clock Tree Expert is a web-based tool that makes timing architecture configuration easier and faster by automating the design of clock trees. You’ll no longer need to spend time researching timing topologies or have to remember every part number and spec for each component in the clock tree. Worrying about BOM count and time to market is a thing of the past with Clock Tree Expert.


So how does the Clock Tree Expert work? Just type in your clock requirements (formats, frequencies, etc.), and our intuitive tool will generate a custom clock tree recommendation within minutes. From there you can save your designs, create a BOM list, customize parts or go straight to the ordering process.

The Clock Tree Expert is the latest addition to Silicon Labs’ timing tools including Clock Builder Pro that are designed to simplify the entire timing customization process..

Click here to check out the Clock Tree Expert for yourself.

To see Silicon Labs’ wide range of timing tools and products, please visit

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